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A modern approach to weight loss for busy people


Working professionals are turning more and more to diet clinics and professional weight loss centers to lose weight with rapid results. Clinics and weight loss centers typically provide special diet foods, weekly weigh-ins and offer personal consultation. They have proven to be very effective, providing their clients with the ability to lose a lot of weight in a relatively short time. Clients also tend to keep the weight off using maintenance programs once they reach their targeted weight. These programs typically cost around $250 per week.


A new alternative to weight loss centers is the advent of weekly diet kits. Following in the footsteps of Stitchfix and Birchbox, Hello Healthy Box has created a weekly home delivery “diet-in-a-box” program that offers the efficacy of diet clinics but at a fraction of the price and without all the logistical hassles. In this day and age of on-line and mail-order efficiencies, companies are taking advantage of technology to render retail location sales obsolete. Rather than driving to a center to pick up diet foods and stand on a scale, all this can be done in the comfort of one’s own home. On-line coaching/consulting and virtual weigh-in is easy. Most people are too busy to add another stop/trip to their daily routine. Having a personalized diet kit delivers weight loss in a modern, simpler, and more convenient way.


About Launched in December 2017 in Boston at the nations largest conference for women, by two working mom corporate executives who are passionate about helping the next generation achieve better work-life balance and self confidence. For just $99/ week, people can order a personalized diet kit of 28 meals and snacks (4 per day) that are protein-rich, low sugar, low carb and perfectly portioned from a menu of over 60 foods like Chocolate Salted Caramel Shake, Vanilla Cinnamon Cereal, Chocolate Chip Pancakes, California Strawberry Smoothie, Caramel Nut bar, Creamy Broccoli Soup, Vegan Lentil Curry, Veggie Chili, Pizza Chips, New York Cheesecake Pudding, Amaretto Cappuccino and many more. Made from clinic-grade protein powders and superfood mixes, Hello Healthy Box foods ensure your body is always getting the most concentrated goodness it can throughout the day while you burn fat, boost metabolism and lose weight without the fuss of meal prep, tracking or counting calories. Designed for an on-the-go life, the foods are easily portable in your purse, briefcase, suitcase

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or car. A diet kit helps organize and control 80% of eating choices during a chaotic, stressful workday, just eat any 4 foods per day from the box, breakfast through mid-afternoon, then add a clean meal of vegetables and choice of protein at dinnertime. Professionals can often slow down at dinnertime and enjoy a meal with family or friends. Meal delivery kits like Blue Apron and Plated make dinner at home easier, Hello Healthy Box diet kits offer a convenient, healthy solution for the rest of your hectic workday.


Women helping women: Hello Healthy Box is the brainchild of two working mom consumer products executives who have “been there” and are passionate about helping the next generation of working women have a better work-life balance. After struggling with ‘stress weight’ for years, Kerry Gould tried one of those diet clinics and reached her goal weight for the first time in 15 years. She kept the nonperishable clinic foods in a decorated box and carried it around all day. Eager to learn why this diet worked so well she began a masters program in Nutrition Science at Tufts University. “The right nutrient doses at the right times keeps your blood sugar steady, boosts your metabolism and keeps your body satisfied to avoid cheating. The box construct adds discipline to achieve real behavior change”, explains Kerry. Her business partner, Marci Sapers, a marketing colleague from Procter & Gamble and owner of a fitness facility, was equally impressed with the diet and passionate about helping others get healthy. They combined their expertise to launch Hello Healthy Box. Marci said, “we knew we hit the bullseye when a customer achieved her pre-baby weight after 5 years of trying and told us ‘this is the perfect solution for working mothers, I feel like myself again’.   Kerry added, “we are not hung up on skinny perfectionism. Our purpose is to help people feel good because confidence is a superpower in the workplace.”


Workplace relevance: It’s not hard to imagine who might benefit from a diet kit. Over 40% of American workers eat al-desko. Working lunches are commonplace to keep productivity going at all times. Companies routinely order calorie-laden working lunches for employees. Even with healthy choices offered, people under stress can slip on their diet when exposed to brownies, cookies and birthday cake in the workplace. A recent study showed that the average office worker consumes 100,000 extra calories more than needed during the workday, per year. That translates to 28 extra pounds if it is not burned off at the gym. It is not surprising that so many people go to the gym all the time and never seem to lose weight.


Lose. Learn. Live: Controlling food intake during the day is just one of the benefits of Hello Healthy Box. Each weekly diet kit also contains “What the Healthy?” nutrition education, diet motivations and low carb recipes. Not everyone has time to learn about the latest health trends plus it can be very confusing. “We aim to educate on basic nutrition to help people lose, learn and live confidently for life, Kerry explains, Our ambition is to provide a diet service that meets the needs of busy working women, understands their lives, reduces stress and ultimately improves self confidence. Our box is decorated with a rising sun for a reason. We are delivering a healthy new day.”





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The Story Behind Hello Healthy Box:


Five Reasons Why Hello Healthy Box Can Change Your Life.


Customer References available upon request:

  • Marketing Executive, Boston, MA
  • VP Bus Development, Cincinnati, OH
  • Executive, Chicago, IL
  • Bride to be, Boston, MA

Contains your choice of 112 Foods, shipped over 3 weeks. A customer agent will call you to help choose your favorites. Week 1 = 56 foods, week 3 = 28 foods, week 4= 28 foods

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