BBQ Chicken Pinwheels, KETO, Low Carb


Adorable pinwheels are a mouthful of flavor with built-in portion control. These delicious bites feature summer's best flavor, Barbeque Chicken and are so easy to make. 

1 Cup Deli White Meat Chicken Salad - or make your favorite chicken salad

1/2 Cup Kevin's Keto Barbeque Sauce (or your favorite low sugar BBQ Sauce)

3 slices cheddar cheese

1 Lavash Wrap  (Josephs Flax, Oat Bran, Whole Wheat) or other very low carb wrap vehicle

Dark Green Lettuce Leaves

2 Green Onions, one sliced, one whole.





Perfect appetizers for summer cookouts or as a healthy meal on their own. 

Mix Chicken Salad with BBQ sauce and stir until blended. 

Layout one Lavash bread (can also use lettuce or other low carb sheet).

Spread chicken mixture evenly on bread slice. Add a layer of lettuce and a layer of cheese. Add whole green onion to the long side of bread to begin rolling process. Roll up tightly using the onion as a center.  

Wrap in plastic wrap refrigerate for an hour (or freezer half hour). This step is not necessary but does improve ease of slicing. When ready to eat, slice into pinwheels, Garnish with remaining onion and serve with side BBQ sauce for  dipping.

Think inside the box and say hello to healthy

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