What Your Workday Will Look Like With Hello Healthy Box

What Your Workday Will Look Like With Hello Healthy Box

When it comes to eating healthy, it can be difficult to envision incorporating a rigid eating plan into your busy workday. Overwhelming stress can easily make you eat too much, too soon in the day and the temptations of office lunches can quickly make you cave on your diet plans. During the workday, the average office worker eats 100,000 more calories than needed each year – yikes!

We at Hello Healthy Box understand that eating healthy during a busy day isn’t easy which is why we created a program just for you. Rather than being overworked and underfed, we encourage the consumption of a steady dose of protein with just the right amount of carbs to fuel a busy day while burning fat. Just eat any 4 of our nutrition-certified foods during the day then add a healthy dinner. Our perfectly balanced box of grab ‘n go foods and suggestions for dinners allows you to know exactly what to eat and when to eat it so that you always feel satiated while slimming back to your healthy weight. 

Still having a hard time envisioning what your workday will look like with Hello Healthy Box? Below is a simple breakdown of what to expect, based on the testimonials of some of our previous clients. 

“The convenience and ease of the program made it impossible to fail. Haven’t lost this amount of weight ever” - Working mother of 2, Massachusetts

Breakfast on the Go

For many, breakfast can be the hardest meal of the day to master. There’s the threat of accidentally oversleeping, making you miss it altogether or just simply not having enough time to get in the right food to start your day. 

Hello Healthy Box offers a variety of ready-to-eat breakfasts, from bottled drinks and smoothies to high-protein bars and cereals that’ll keep you full until your mid morning snack. These quick breakfasts are also convenient if you’re feeding your family as well. The vegetarian and keto pancakes are a hit with kids, cutting out the prep for a different meal altogether. 

Just reach into your box as you’re heading out the door you’ll be set to get your day started.

You Won’t Have To Make As Many Decisions Throughout The Day

One of the most convenient aspects of Hello Healthy Box is its variety of easily accessible foods (no refrigeration required) that are all tailored to your weight loss goals. Making healthy decisions throughout the day can be difficult, especially when tempted with catered lunches or office treats brought in by co-workers. Say goodbye to daily meal stress. When you build-a-box of your favourite foods you don’t have to track or count or rely on willpower, making your daily decisions easy. 

The foods in your box are tasty and satisfying so that you have little need to veer off plan during the workday. You also won’t have to prepare for lunches the night before, which can often be tedious and time-consuming after a busy day at the office. Your 28 foods per week will provide you with everything you need to stay healthy and lose weight while still easily portable for those who travel often. 

You Can Still Enjoy A Dinner Out

The idea of weight loss programs can often feel restricting and limited, which can make the idea of sticking to a plan that much harder. Hello Healthy Box is designed to provide you with all the foods you need throughout the day, but the dinner is all up to you. 

You can still enjoy an evening with friends and family, provided you are making healthy choices based off the list of recommended foods that comes with your box. Rather than holing yourself up until those 30 pounds are finally gone, Hello Healthy Box allows you to maintain an active social life that doesn’t limit the fun you can have throughout the week. By controlling what you eat during the day, your evening meals can be more flexible and enjoyable.

Our motto—‘Lose, Learn, Live’—reflects our commitment to helping you learn how to achieve and maintain your confident weight for life.  From morning to night, the box gives you all the necessities to eat healthy and stay on top of your busy workday while adapting life-changing healthy habits.

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