Trending Now: Diet Kits for the Workday ... 5 Reasons Why It Will Change Your  Life

Trending Now: Diet Kits for the Workday ... 5 Reasons Why It Will Change Your Life

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  1. A diet kit simplifies your day

  • A diet kit like Hello Healthy Box provides everything you need from breakfast through mid-afternoon - delivered weekly
  • Control 80% of your daily food choices
  • Portable meals and snacks fit an on-the-go lifestyle
  • Foods are as easy to prepare as a cup of coffee
  • No refrigeration required
  • They store easily in desk, briefcase, purse, or pocket.
"The easiest diet I have ever tried."   USER REVIEW
"Hello Healthy Box diet is portable!  I take the food packets to work and on the road when traveling.  All I need to do is add cold or hot water--and VOILA! "     USER REVIEW
"This is a working mother's dream!'      USER REVIEW   



2. Control choice during stressful time

  • Perfectly-portioned, protein-rich foods low in carbs and sugar give the right nutrition balance every bite
  • Eat any 4 foods/ day - never hungry
  • Over 60 foods on the Hello Healthy Box menu - choose your favorites 
  • No tracking or complicated meal prep ahead of time
  • Having "default" food at-the-ready improves weight loss success

Did you know...the average office worker overeats 100,000 calories at work in a year? That could add 28 pounds!

"I really appreciate the BOX foods--they are so easy to prepare--and best of all they taste good and are surprisingly filling!"     USER REVIEW
"I feel like an astronaut on a mission - eating special foods during my workday."   USER REVIEW


3. Freestyle at dinner 

  • Add one "self-styled" meal per day 
  • Prepare dinner at home or eat out to fit your lifestyle
  • Eat 4 cups veggies and your favorite protein from recommended list
  • Learn how to cook simply and eat healthy for life
"I think it helps that I actually have to prepare dinner, as opposed to just putting something in the microwave."  USER REVIEW
"It taught us how to eat healthy, we shop and cook differently"   USER REVIEW
"I can slow down at dinner and pay better attention to what I eat." USER REVIEW



    4. Fast Results

    • Lose 1-3 lbs per week, up to 12 lbs per month!!
    • This low carb diet burns fat fast
    • A protein-rich diet helps boost metabolism to counteract sedentary work 
    • Hello Healthy Box provides support and discreet private coaching for accountability    
    " I lost 21 pounds in 50 days. What magical elixir is in these foods?"  USER REVIEW
           "I lost 50 pounds in 6 months! It was a fantasy come true."   USER REVIEW     
    "I lost 12 lbs in 30 days."    USER REVIEW
    "I lost 16 lbs in 3 boxes."    USER REVIEW



    5. Feel better all day

    • Feel noticeably energized all day with consistent amount calories at the right intervals
    • Keep metabolism running high all day
    • Moderate blood sugar swings
    • Satisfy mid afternoon hunger
    • Eliminate overeating stress and guilt

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    What have you got to lose?


    • Shirley m Grindstaff September 15, 2018

      I’ve just got to do something about my weight. Never done a weight control planner before. Im 64 and so big. 5ft 4. 170Lbs. Biggest I’ve ever been, other than pregnancy.

    • Suzanne Margarit June 22, 2018

      Am I able to order a box without committing to auto ship? I want to make sure I like the product. Thank you! Sue

    • Robert Shourek June 22, 2018

      Please help..I got the call from the doctor yesterday : Low carb diet and lose weight… Please send a few complimentary food to help she’d this 320 pounds