How Hello Healthy Box Can Help You Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Weight

How Hello Healthy Box Can Help You Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Weight

Weight loss and confident weight maintenance can be a scary topic for many, especially with a busy on-the-go life. Eating healthy has become overwhelming and complicated often fraught with confusion, stress and inconvenience. We make 226 food and beverage related decisions each day –that’s a lot of room for cravings and empty calories to creep their way into a busy day. In fact, during the workday, the average office worker eats 100,000 more calories than needed each year – primarily from over-snacking.

Hello Healthy Box has been created to free busy people from workday meal stress and the need to track every bite – who has time for that?  This personalized kit for the workday delivers a simple diet clinic secret of eating 4 low carb, protein-rich meal replacements during the day – then adding a healthy dinner.  For many, it is helping to “reset” and build healthier eating habits using the workday as a starting point.

Below are a few ways that Hello Healthy Box can help you achieve your confident weight and maintain it for years to come.

Convenient Food Options

Convenience and consistency is key with Hello Healthy Box. Having a box of “default” foods on hand eliminates 80% of food related decisions. The grab ‘n go meals and snacks are portable and don’t require refrigeration so they can store easily in a briefcase, desk or car.  They go where you go.  People love the convenience of the box knowing everything is tasty and nutritionist-certified to fuel a busy day while burning fat and avoiding the office birthday cake.  No counting, no tracking, no complicated meal prep.

The menu includes over 60 foods that allows you to build your box with your favorites: oatmeals, cereals, pancakes, cappuccinos, hot cocoas, shakes, smoothies, protein bars, cookies, cakes, and salty snacks. 

Avoid time-consuming meal prep by just grabbing 4 workday meals and snacks on your way to work in the mornings (or keep them at the office). Evenings can then be used to enjoy a dinner with friends and family. The box includes a list of recommended dinner foods (eat in or dine out) for maximum weight loss. Maintaining a 1-3 pound weight loss every week is achievable when you leave the major decisions up to your Hello Healthy Box.  Our mantra is “Think inside the box”.

Lastly, counting calories or carbs can be tossed out the window with Hello Healthy Box. You can trust our foods to offer all the macronutrients and concentrated goodness you need to stay healthy so that you can spend your time and energy on more important things throughout the day.

Sufficient Nutrition

As mentioned above, Hello Healthy Box removes the hassle of constant calorie and carb tracking. Each food has the nutrient profile of eating an omelette – but is as easy to make as a cup of coffee. It ensures that you are left feeling satiated and energized to handle a busy workday without compromising your nutrition.

Our meal plans are Keto-friendly, focusing on a higher protein and lower carb intake. This means that you are less likely to eat mindlessly and unnecessarily throughout the day because you will always feel satisfied after one of our foods or beverages.  We also include nutrition education in each box so that you can learn how to balance your nutrients as you transition from the weight loss phase and into maintaining your confident weight for life.

Portion control, routine habits and the ability to make healthy decisions for your dinner is the best way to integrate our box into a life-long healthy eating lifestyle.


Successful weight loss on any program relies on whether or not you actually enjoy the food you’re eating and adapt new healthy habits.  Hello Healthy Box offers all the treats and snacks you might be craving, but with less calories and more nutrients to keep you on track. Building your own box each week with your favourite foods keeps it personal to your tastes and lifestyle.  At the end of the day, the most successful weight loss program is the one you can stick to.  Hello Healthy Box can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight by making the journey convenient, satisfying and enjoyable.


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